My Colorado Love Life

My smile falters when I tell her I’m fine- that everything’s awesome! She can tell it’s not.

I’ve been in Colorado for 4 months and have gone to the coffee shop that she manages nearly every day- most times just coming in to say hi. To make them smile, make them laugh. To see her.

She knows me after 4 months. She knows I’m sad- she can tell. As much as I try to cover it up with laughs, jokes, hugs, stories- she knows. She knows me and she can tell.

I know her too and she’s incredible. Remarkkable. I have spent time in 41 states and have met thousands and thousands of people all over the US in the past 15 years–

She is special. Different.
She has something about her that makes you forget about everything else. About everyone else. She’s the only one in the room and it’s captivating. In a room full of friends, it’s her that I see.
She’s as beautiful as she is kind and gentle and she’s become one of my best friends in the past four months.

In two more months she is moving away.

To the Himalayas.

The mountains.

In India.

Yes those.

I want so badly for her to stay but also- so badly for her to leave.

I certainly love who she is, how she is, what she is doing with her life, her energy and spirit, her positivity and compassion! She’s amazing and I would spend every waking second with her if I could until she leaves.
It makes me sad when I think about her packing her things and going. Sometimes when I’m with her it pops into my mind. She can tell. Despite the jokes and stories, laughs and hugs- she knows me. She can tell I’m sad.

It won’t be the same without her.

I’m going to miss my friend.

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