Why I’m Nice! (and why you should be too)

When I was 27 years old I learned the true power of words. Communication is a super power that we all possess and have at our disposal 24/7.

How are you using your super power?

I was playing in a relatively innocuous minor-league baseball game in Charleston, SC. It was  a typical hot, muggy day and our pitcher was struggling.

We had runners on first and third in a game we were already losing. Out came our pitching coach to settle our pitcher down with a mid-inning mound visit.

I was playing first base at the time for the Savannah Sand Gnats. That’s right, the Sand Gnats. Minor leagues….

Rather than walk to the mound to join the discussion I decided to hang out with the runner on first and the first base coach, shoot the shit a little bit.

Being the humidity was 150% in August in the south, along with everyone else I was sweating profusely.

I took my hat off as I was talking, in hopes to cool down a smidgen, if it was even possible. It wasn’t.

Being a day game in the south in certainly wasn’t a sell-out crowd but there were probably 3 or 4 thousand people in attendance.

Over the steady hum of that many people talking, yelling, booing, cheering came a woman’s voice that is forever burned in my memory. I will never forget it but my perspective of it has changed just recently.


Now- For all I know, this comment was lost on everyone at the stadium and no one heard it save me, but in that moment- I couldn’t have missed it.

It was awful. I felt terrible. A moment ago, just a minor-league baseball player, seconds after- my psyche devastated.

I shaved my head that night and have been shaving it ever since.

I’m writing this because I want to thank that lady and her insensitive shriek. She showed me the true power of words, the super-power that every person has to affect someone else’s life negatively….OR positively… She demonstrated very clearly that words can hurt. Words can change someone’s life. She literally changed my appearance by being mean and embarrassing me in front of thousands of people.

I choose to use my super-power to change people’s lives too. Only for the better, only positive, only encouragement. I want to build up every person I come in contact with. Never belittle, never insult, never negative.

Choose your words carefully- After all, they are your superpower.

Health Coach Pahooter



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