Full Cup, Busy Cafe

Life is like an enormous coffee shop. We’re all walking around trying to find seats with big cups filled to the brim of our mismanaged emotions. Often times, we collide with eachother, spilling from one cup or the other, or both. While we are not always responsible for the collision, we are responsible for what … Continue reading Full Cup, Busy Cafe

The 200% Game

In life, whether we like it or not, we all have personal responsibility. 100% responsibility in fact for the lives we create In times of relational conflict, it is easy and tempting to play the victim. Casting blame and pointing fingers a knee-jerk reaction for a lot of us- “not my fault!” our expedient, passionate … Continue reading The 200% Game


I once heard a speaker say that Love is the most powerful force on the planet. I believe him. Love is the driving force in my life and always has been. I’ve heard Tony Robbins ask people on more than one occasion- “As a child, who’s love did you crave more, your mothers or your … Continue reading Love