I once heard a speaker say that Love is the most powerful force on the planet. I believe him.

Love is the driving force in my life and always has been.

I’ve heard Tony Robbins ask people on more than one occasion- “As a child, who’s love did you crave more, your mothers or your fathers?”

I never had to think too hard to answer that question- it was always my fathers love.

TR’s follow up question though- “Who did you have to be to earn your fathers love?”

I’ve been trying to earn my fathers love for 34 years. As I write this post at 3:30 I’m the morning after visiting my family in NJ for two weeks- I still have no fucking clue who I need to be

I have surrounded myself with people who love me for exactly who I am all over the country- From coast to coast. I see it in their eyes and I feel it in their embraces

I’ve never had to be anybody other than myself to earn that love. 

I’m done trying to Be someone 

I’m being me

I love you and know that you’ll never have to be anyone other than you to earn that


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