CHANGE is Bullsh*t

Let’s just say you spent 30+ years building a house and once you laid the last brick, shingle or piece of siding you realized what you really wanted was a boat!

Would you try to change the house into a boat?

OR- Would you create a boat separately because they have an entirely different process?
You see, built into the idea that we must change, or be different than we already are, is the implication that we not good enough now-That our inherent value is not high enough… 

Every time we tell ourselves that we must change a behavior, belief or habit- we are really telling ourselves that we are not good enough.

And THAT certainly has its consequences

So, forget about change- chnge is bullshit. 

If you’re looking at your life and you realize you’ve built a house and what you really want is a boat- you can either try to change the house into a boat (which may or may not work, but it WILL be a struggle) OR you can build a boat separately since there is an entirely different process.

Your call.


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