A Little Peace of Attitude

As we enter our formidable years, where goals both large and small are achieved on a daily basis, experience and knowledge are in abundance and wisdom spills from our cups- it’s easy to be complacent. or at the very least, unguided. After all, what is our vision for our future now?

I have learned so much at Denver Country Club over the past two years- but the most important thing I’ve learned is that attitude is everything. The experience of our lives is created by our individual attitudes and approaches everyday. I’ve seen a lot of different types of attitudes at DCC, but most notably, I’ve seen the attitude of my thursday spinners 😉

I’ve taught 6am spin for over a year with a great group of core riders that show up weekly. We don’t miss it if we’re in town. Every Thursday morning is our time, our ride, and our tunes. It’s a phenomenal group that I genuinely love and I’m lucky to be a part of it- Our workouts are always solid because the attitudes are always solid… regardless of how much wine we drank the night before!

I was lucky enough to experience the attitude of some of these members on an even deeper level, away from the club this winter when they invited me on a tour of their home mountain, Vail. It was a fantastic day driven mostly by their attitudes.

When we showed up to the mountain that day we all had a pretty simple choice to make- How were we going to show up? Of course there were a couple thousand binary decisions about what to eat for breakfast, time of arrival, meeting locale, parking situation, etc.- but how we chose to show up preemptively determined how all of that would go.

Good mood or bad mood? Friendly or nasty? With or without grace? Patient or agitated? Kind or rude? Compassionate? Angry? Stressed? Delighted? Joyful?

Most of these choices are made on autopilot. We’ve created a pattern and we repeat it over and over and over, until it’s 30-40-50 years later and we proclaim with either self-love or self-loathing- “I am who I am!”

But here’s the thing- That’s a fallacy- You’re not. We’re not stagnant, we’re fluid. There is always choice.

We are, however, who we are choosing to be every second of every day. Our lives are a culmination of these choices. You have never relinquished the ability to choose- for instance- no matter how long you’ve practiced being rude, you can choose to start practicing something different today, which would certainly alter your results.

This second and every second from here on out- Know that you have the opportunity to consciously choose to be who you want to be. We all have the ability, choice and responsibility to be our best selves. To share all of our gifts with the world around us.

When we show up being that best self- our best self- we bring our best attitudes and have our best times.

Whether you’re spinning, skiing, golfing, working, eating, chatting, playing bridge or just hanging out with family- by choosing your best attitude consciously- Peace is inevitable.


Tim Pahuta is a professional athlete, a dedicated Life Mapping™ Coach and the founder of Pahooter Health & Wellness, LLC in Denver. To create a Life Map and begin your journey please visit lifemapping.me to download the starter package

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