Want to start making some changes but don’t know where to start and your diet feels too hard to tackle??!!

Try practicing some Mindful Eating!

Being present and relaxed while eating can help you digest your food (no matter WHAT you’re eating) instead of storing it as fat!

Have you ever eaten a meal at your desk at work and an hour later you feel like it’s still sitting in your stomach, dragging you down like and anchor?… That’s because it IS.

If your body is in the stress response because you are focused on stressful things (often work), your body will also NOT be in a position to begin digesting your food- it’s focused elsewhere. Instead your food will sit there in your stomach awaiting a time of relaxation so digestion can commence. Often times the food is stored as fat because it’s hours before we aren’t stressed again!

Try a couple of these easy changes to help you be more present and mindful while eating— These can help you relax and digest instead of storing more fat!

— Talk more! Haha talk about anything that’s not stressful- you just don’t want your body to react into the stress mode— Talk about nonsense- silly stuff, relax and enjoy conversation. It’s an art that’s sadly dying- people focused on their phones or constantly thinking about the stress of work. Trying asking your lunch buddy an absurd or funny question that makes them think- Getting your minds off work, relaxing and enjoying each others’ company- That’s the environment you need so your body can focus on digesting food. There’s a reason european countries take hour and a half long, relaxed lunches during business days AND a direct correlation to the fact that there’s WAY less fat people there! They eat mindfully

— Breath!  The more oxygen you take in while eating the better— This can actually FUEL your digestion- Every so often, say 3 times a meal, try putting your fork and knife down and taking a few mindful deep breaths between bites. Focus on slow in and slow out, filling your lungs to capacity— This will help slow you down and the oxygen will do it’s job to help fuel that digestion process! (This also has the added benefit of relaxing you and disengaging the sympathetic nervous system!! (stress mode))

— Chew more! Ever try to get to 30 chews while you’re eating?! The average person chews their food 3-4 times before swallowing— not nearly enough!
Chewing more can help in 2 ways— One- it will slow you down (benefits already mentioned above) Two- it allows your saliva and teeth to do the job that they were intended to do. Breaking down your food further in your mouth while chewing will only make digestion and nutrient absorption easier once the food is in your stomach! Who wants to feel like their stomach is working hard to digest their food? Not me!

Remember- change is process and it is often harder to get the ball rolling then to maintain the momentum— sometimes just by being mindful during the process of eating we can start to make BIG changes before we even get started making adjustments in our diets!

Seeing those early results can help INSPIRE us to try even more things- thinking to ourselves— “well… If I can do thaaaaat… I wonder what else I can do?!”

Try being more mindful while you’re eating your next meal and before you know it, you might just have the ball rolling! 😉

SLOW down and enjoy!!



  1. Great tips! It’s easy to skip lunch or have a break at your desk but you’ve reminded everyone of the importance of getting away from it all for a while. Everyone is entitled to and needs a lunch break. I’ll take mine following your tips and see if it makes a difference 👍

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      1. I tried this today and took a whole hour for lunch, to which I’m entitled. I went for a walk then tried the suggestions and felt much better and more productive in the afternoon. Normally I’m feeling lethargic but I was hungry again this afternoon which was great!

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