Tim Pahuta

by timpahuta



Here’s the problem with chasing your dream for as long as you possibly can. You know the numbers going in: something like 10% of college baseball players go on to play professionally. Of that 10%, roughly 8% manage to play in the major leagues. That’s including guys that go up and fill the roster out in September, not necessarily have any kind of successful career. So if you are in the top 10% of all college baseball players and then are in the top 8% of that whole group, you have a chance of playing a game or two in the big leagues.

These numbers are loosely researched and probably false; don’t get caught up in that, if anything they are probably high.  The point remains the same.

Basically, you have a one-in-a-million shot of it working out for you

So what happens when you’re not that one-in-a-million guy? What happens when you’re good enough to hang around the minors, having semi-successful seasons, year after year for the better part of ten years, but not quite able to break the ceiling? This is what you don’t think about while you’re in that seemingly endless metaphorical tunnel with the dimmest of lights beckoning to you from eons away.

You end up an unemployed 30 year old with no job experience and an out-dated degree, most likely in something generic, like communication. What now?? That’s the question, isn’t it?

My name is Tim Pahuta. I played eight years of semi-successful baseball in the Washington Nationals minor league system. I am now an unemployed 30 year old with no job experience and an out-dated degree in, you guessed it, communication.

Somebody please tell me, what now?