I met a guy from Ireland today! Check it out! …it’s a good story!!

Hope you guys are having a kick-ass day, I know I am and I wanted to share something with you

One of the daily goals I have now is to meet new people and I do it all the time, constantly– I really love connecting and sharing ideas.

99% of the interactions I have are great- I meet interesting people with interesting stories  everywhere that are eager and willing to meet a new friend– B

BUT there is that 1%… This is a story about the 1%. This is one of my rare negative interactions.

I decided to start using social media and the internet to connect with more people through FB, IG, Twitter, etc., trying to use social media for it’s intended purpose, digital connection

Today I met my new friend from Ireland

I only share this to help people and I hope everyone understands that– and I honesty apologize to Chris Fallon (guy from Ireland) in advance.

Chris– I have no idea who you are or what you’re going through, but anybody that is giving you money to run a company called “A Moment for Mindfulness” should know exactly who they are giving their money to– And I’m going to share that right now

The following is my interaction with Chris via Facebook and Facebook Messenger early this afternoon

It started very cordially- I saw the below post on a FB group that we both have in common- to be more specific– it’s an entrepreneurial networking group- and that is relevant to the story-

Chris’ Post:


Awesome right!? I thought so too- Congratulations dude! I decided to tell him because why not?! Encouragement is an easy way to strike up a conversation and encouragement is my go to mode of communition-

My comment:

names blocked HCP negative

My guess was a brick oven pizza– but I don’t think I’ll ever know…

I decided I would check his profile, maybe it says where he started working- No such luck- but what I did see is that he is the “General Manager” for a company called “A Moment for Mindfulness”– a group that has over 37,000 members on Facebook

“Fantastic!” I thought– A fellow coach who understands the importance of taking time out in a busy world to smell the roses and enjoy our time here on earth… I truly do LOVE connecting with fellow coaches because I find that the like-minded attitude towards things like mindfulness make conversations easy and often very insightful. I love fellow coaches- I truly do

I decided to reach out to Chris about “A Moment for Mindfulness” to learn about the business and how it’s going straight from the source.

Our interaction is below

If you’re a client of “A Moment for Mindfulness” and genuinely looking for help in your life, I’d invite you to reach out to me, Tim Pahuta.

I promise you, I actually do care and I actually do want to help


Pahooter Health & Wellness, LLC

Owner & Certified Health Coach

Denver, CO. American.

HCP negative 1

HCP Negative 2


There’s the voice message. I’ll put the file here- If you want to experience it the way I did, play the file now, if you want to see how I responded first, read on 🙂

****** Actually on second thought- turns out I need to sign up for premium to do that, and I can’t figure that out right now, on the way to volleyball 😉 — I’ll share it in the comments or something later, if anyone is interested******

Here’s a transcript

Chris Fallon-

“If you wanted to connect with me and you’re asking me what my business is, what’s the fucking point in connecting with me– if you don’t know what my business is and you’re asking me ‘would you like to work with me’ and you don’t even know what my business is, are you for real? Seriously, or are you just another dumb American?”

Now- I’ll openly admit, I wasn’t expecting that response from someone running, what I’m assuming, is some type of wellness business- The type of business I run. And I certainly was not happy. As a matter of fact, I was initially pretty pissed off,  wouldn’t you be?

So I took some time and thought my response before typing it and sending it, because I didn’t want to act emotionally, the way Chris clearly had–

I took 18 minutes of thought…

….And then I remembered the Buddha story.

I don’t want to tell the story, it’s long and I’ve taken enough of your time as it is- but the point is this–

“If I don’t accept Chris’ Hate, then who’s Hate is it?”

It’s Chris’ Hate. He can keep it.

My Response 18 minutes later

***Sorry about the cursing but I’m a baseball player from New Jersey- you know I had to give the attitude back a little bit, especially when he brought “Dumb American” into it:***


HCP negative 5HCP negative 6HCP negative 7

Haven’t heard back from Chris, and I suspect I might not but I really do wish him well…

I guess the only real question I have after this entire interaction is this–

Is it a wood burning pizza joint or what?

I’m off to volleyball! Byeeeeeeeeee



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