Supercharge Your Brain?

As a Health Coach I am constantly trying new things and experimenting with myself-  with just how healthy I can get, how good I can make myself feel, how I can improve in all of the major areas of my life- How healthy can my diet be for me, how good can my relationships be, how can I grow my business and my career, how can my spiritual connection be stronger-

What this ends up looking like is a constant experiment- Improvement is the art of trying new things. New foods, new habits, new choices, starting fresh and committing 100% with a wide-open mind to all the amazing possibilities out there.

As you could imagine, since I’m dealing with a lot in my life, just like you are- I’m constantly trying to experiment with natural ways I can get more energy out of my diet to get more done in less time-

My coach (I think coaching is so important that everyone trying to make improvements needs one- I’m no exception) recently gave me a book titled “Head Strong” by Dave Asprey which I read on my way to and from Pittsburg to visit my Family… The book is very well researched and frankly over my head at points- but the focus is tuning up your brain through improvement of mitochondrial function by way of diet and other natural methods.

In the book, Mr. Asprey has a program for a 2-week jumpstart program to naturally boost your mitochondrial function and therefor make your brain work faster and better than it ever has before– enabling you to produce more energy, think more clearly, be more focused and as a result- get more done. Now a lot of the science behind the diet is present in the book and I encourage you to read the book for yourself and make up your own decisions–

However, if you’re like me and you find the science, fascinating but over your head or you have so much going on that you can possibly read a book, then allow me to save you some time–

I’ll be starting this program as a personal experiment to see if I can super-charge my brain through changing my diet and I am looking for friends to help me and come along for the ride-

Like I said- it’s a 2 week commitment and I’ll be starting and monitoring a judgement free private FB group that we can use to hold each other accountable. Truth be told, I need to accountability as much as you do so let’s help each other make some changes through doing some good old fashioned self-experimentation!

This program make’s no guarantees of cognitive improvement, however, after reading the book I’m convinced it NEEDS to be an important part of our thought process around food and other habits.

Anybody want to join me?!

Send me a message, add me on FB, tell your friends, share this post, write me on IG, call me, text me, reach out–

This is open to anyone and everyone who is passionate about making some changes NOW and wants a group for support and an easy simple program.


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