Life Improvement Project!

I’ve subconsciously started a new project. Its a networking, friend building, life experiencing, people helping, (mostly) unselfish, all consuming project.

It’s simple at it’s core yet challenging- The main points:

–Meet as many people as possible- This is somewhat easy for me because I am in a new city and know next to no one but I guarantee you can do this wherever you live too. Nobody knows everybody

–Make every person I interact with smile- This is so easy and so gratifying. Try it out. Make a joke, smile at them, genuinely ask them how their day is going. The act of live conversation is dying with the ever present and overwhelming saturation of technology and it’s advancements. Do we really need “virtual reality”? What happened to real reality?

–Be optimistic- Truly optimistic. Look on the bright side no matter what. I firmly believe that negativity is contagious. It’s cancer and I’m cutting it out. ALL of it. If someone is judgmental and refuses to empathize with someone else- anyone else- I have no time for that person. Everyone should be enjoying what little time we have here in this beautiful place. If you’re taking that away from another person by teasing, belittling, inferiorizing (Act of making someone feel inferior- #coinedit), judging them, then you are part of the problem. Get off your high horse. People are people. Wall Street guy, baseball player, homeless person, lighting salesman, coffee baristas, fast food workers. We’re all people. Don’t be a dick to make yourself or one of your asshole friends laugh.

–Set goals with individual people I meet- This one is a little more difficult because the goals aren’t always obvious when you first meet someone. See the below picture of what I’ve been up to so far. Ask yourself how you can help everyone you meet. This may be a Colorado thing but generally people are good and want to help you out. There is a sense of community that’s being lost and I’m not sure people are realizing it.

–Put my phone down- Technology is like anything else. We have amazing devices that allow us to communicate with anyone, anywhere. It’s incredible but should be used in moderation. Everyone has heard of too much of a good thing. If you’re at dinner with ten friends and six of them are on their phone, what’s the point? I’m guilty of this one just like anyone else but I’m making a conscious effort to get away from it.

As I meet more people and experience new things, the effort is being rewarded ten fold. That’s why I said it’s a (mostly) unselfish project. This started as a simple idea- “Meet a bunch of people in Colorado and help them out however I can”- Totally selfless.

The more people I meet and connect with, the more rewarding the experience is. The more I give, the more I get and the more I want to give. Example: I went to a block party on July fourth and started a whiffle ball game with the gaggle of kids on hand- the family was so happy I played with their kids that they invited me camping at the end of the month with a big group of people! It was not my intention to get anything out of the whiffle ball game other than for the kids (myself included) to have fun- But I’d certainly love to go camping!

It’s been a while since I have posted to this blog, and people have been asking if I ever found a place to lve. I want everyone to know that I did and I’m not homeless at the moment. I wrote a heartfelt ad on Craigslist and went from no place to live to too many places to choose from in less than 24 hours. People are good- they just need a nudge sometimes.

I’m off to do some more nudging


Friends and Goals

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